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About Us

    Amnis Pura, Ltd, is one of the first companies dedicated to the development and commercialization of hydrogen technologies, including PEM Fuel Cells and Pressure Swing Adsorption units for hydrogen purification. Through its commerical partnerships, Amnis Pura provides laser technology solutions and flow measurement & control instruments.



Our PSA units combine an innovative adsorbent with an optimized cycle, allowing to obtain fuel cell grade hydrogen at high recovery rate. Thanks to the great versatility of PSA technology, our PSA units can be used in the separation / purification of gas in several different industries. 

Fuel Cells

Fuel cells represent the new era of the automotive industry, where energy efficiency and zero GHG emissions are unmatched by any other tecnology. Amnis Pura team has more than 15 years of experience in developing fuel cell systems and components.    Our solutions cover a wide range of applications including stationary and mobile, ranging from 500 W to 50 kW. 


Flow Instrumentation

Amnis Pura is the Portuguese distributor of the full range of flow instrumentation products of the American company Aalborg Instruments, the primary manufacturer of precision instrumentation for flow measurement and control.

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