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Amnis Pura was founded as a spinoff company from Faculty of Engineering of Porto University. After the participation in several European Project our team realized the importance of the hydrogen economy and its relevance for the future of the energy sector. Amnis Pura is settled on 25 years of experience in PSA technology and more than 15 years in Fuel Cells applications.


Dr. Paulo Ribeirinha, at Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto completed his PhD in methanol steam reforming and PEM fuels cells. Paulo Ribeirinha has a wide knowledge of hydrogen technologies, including production, processing and utilization and is responsible for technical part of Fuel cells as well the commercial part of the company.

Dr. Frederico Relvas, PhD from Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto on gas separation by PSA, including hydrogen purification and is responsible for the PSA technology and development of new adsorbent materials.


Amnis Pura, with a strong R&D mindset, foresees to be a brand of reference in the international market of hydrogen purification and sustainable energy. The excellence of our products stablishes new standards and pushes the hydrogen economy to the future.

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