PhotoElectrochemical Cells

Photoelectrochemical cells can capture the solar energy to produce electrical energy or hydrogen, similarly to the water electrolysis. 

Amnis Pura also provides photoelectrochemical cells for educational and research purposes. These cells allow measurements in 2 or 3 electrode setups and are designed to study the performance of small-size photoelectrodes (e.g. Fe2O3, TiO2, Cu2O and others). The cell elements are made of PEEK allowing to operate with both aqueous and organic solvent electrolytes. The design also allows an easy assembly of the metal counter-electrode and the reference electrode.


Front exposure area: 0.528 cm2

Back exposure area: 0.283 cm2
Recommended substrate size: 30 mm x 15 mm
Maximum substrate thickness: 3 mm

Cell components included:

1 chamber (PEEK)
1 sample holder

1 set of O-rings
1 transparent window made of polycarbonate