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Pressure Swing Adsorption technology, commonly referred to as PSA, is one of the most commonly used technologies in industry for gas purification, including reforming and refinery off-gas streams. In PSA technology, the choice of adsorbent (s) plays a key role in its performance. Amnis Pura's vast experience in developing and characterizing adsorbents allows to select the best performing adsorbents according to operating conditions and the targeted separation.

Amnis Pura produces and commercialize tailored-made hydrogen purification solutions, from laboratory scale to 1000 m3/h. The technology developed by Amnis Pura enables high purity and recovery by removing contaminants such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen, carbon monoxide and water. In compliance with ISO 14687-2, the hydrogen obtained can be used on PEM fuel cells.

Amnis Pura is also dedicated to the production and commercialization of PSAs for purification of other types of gases, including carbon monoxide, propane, propene, among others.

Our laboratory units are suitable for education activities, research and characterization of adsorbents.

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